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Denise Pumain, a renowned French geographer, is a specialist in cities and urban systems of the world.

As a researcher at Géographie-cités of which she is also the co-founder, she produced innovative works on urban dynamics. Professor at the Paris 1 University, she has transmitted her knowledge and know-how in spatial analysis and urban geography to several generations of students.

While developing an original scientific path, which has led to the development of an evolutive theory on cities, she opened up to other disciplinary fields and contributed to the construction of complexity sciences.

As a founder of the Cybergeo: European journal of geography, which is in open access, the diffusion of scientific production is close to her heart.

This collection of open archives brings together all of her scientific production to date and is constantly being updated, with the ambition to give free access to a maximum of original texts.

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Last publications of Denise Pumain in Cybergeo

The world in its challenges and contradictions  (1/24/19)   Moins

In this month of January, Cybergeo journal wishes all its readers, authors, proofreaders and collaborators from all countries a happy 2019!

Happiness would thus be a universal category, the only one that can perhaps be addressed without any ulterior motive to everyone, whatever their place of life, and which would each time bring its own singular interpretation, but what else should be retained as a recommendation that is valid for the whole world? The year begins with contradictions, even oxymorons, with tensions between the urgent need for ecological transition for the good of the planet and aspirations for greater use of resources for the poorest countries, with the reaffirmed multipolarity of a world that is no longer reduced to conflict between two or three blocs but on which some major players, in technology, finance, culture... claim to exercise hegemonic influences, with a reduction in the number of people subject to the conditions of extreme poverty, but also an excessive sp...

Economic Development Zones and Urban Growth in China  (12/21/18)   Plus
A Fab Lab for Open science  (10/2/18)   Plus
Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) at the head of Open Access as demonstrated from Cybergeo’s experience  (8/28/18)   Plus
Managing avalanches  (6/1/18)   Plus