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J. J. Diesbach and K. Widtmann, At the end of 1793, in an announcement for one of the first books he published (an almanac), he printed a particularly rich and detailed list of people who would take orders and payments for it, all over the country. 96 This network was by no means as efficient as the network of lottery collectors and post offices that Schönfeld could use thanks to his privilege, 97 but its image was also different, since it was independent from the administrative system and closer to a community of readers than a commercial network. The fact that Kramerius's network included booksellers and individuals located all over the country gives us a first insight into the transformation of the communication system in Bohemia in the run-up to the 19th century. In order to disseminate a rare product -Czech books -Kramerius built a unique tool of intermediation, Praha, D?dictví svatého Václava, 1767), Kraméryusowy cýs. král. wlastenské nowiny 3/1793 (19. 1. 1793), p.136

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, Outside merchants and chapmen may contact]; 19 agents are mentioned, including merchants, bookbinders, city councillors, etc. The most famous figure among Kramerius's contacts is Franti?ek Vladislav Hek, a collector, author and reader of Kramerius's newspaper who inspired the main character of Jirásek's novel F, /1793 (2. 11. 1793), vol.44, pp.1888-1906, 1976.

, Václav Rodomil Kramerius complains about his newspaper's distribution difficulties in Cýsa?ské, p.18

. France, his competitor had long been exploiting public interest in any kind of news on this topic), he emphatically addressed "the whole Czech nation, p.98

, Two competing models had been proposed for the treatment of books chiefly as commodities, but neither of these was yet settled. Before national boundaries were fixed, each publisher's customer base was highly movable and neither language nor political borders had yet contained it. Similar research looking at advertisements published outside the borders of Bohemia, within the Habsburg monarchy or in the German lands

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, ) and discussed as part of the workshop "Written Culture and Society in the Bohemian Lands" led by Roger Chartier at CEFRES and the Institute of Czech Literature of the Czech Academy of, Congress of the International Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, 2015.