, 26 , as a (mis)fitting skin. That is, a language of translation stretched by the pull of interlingual contradictions, recalling Georges-Arthur Goldschmidt's portrayal of the translator: a person wrongly accused, who has presumed to step out of his/her natural element, whose non-transparency is congruent with the experience of a speaker under pressure, about to burst into utterance: Meeresrauschen am Matterhorn, they used to say: the sound of the sea on the Matterhorn! Such is the fate of whoever has to say in French what he hears in German. There he stands, -ego and seems, through the meeting of languages in translation

, everything is crystal clear in me-how come you know nothing about it? This is the translator in the initial situation in which the need to speak is felt

, kinship of languages that goes beyond historical derivation is based on this: that in each of them individually one thing, in fact the same thing, is meant -something, however, that cannot be attained by any one language alone, but only by the totality of their mutually supplementary intentions: pure, universal language, vol.301

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