, The 'soul' in Tylor may be important here -that he was looking for an evolutionary predecessor to the civilized notion of the soul in true religion in primitive society and found 'animism' -the belief that rocks or plants or trees or whatever are animated by spirit

, There is work to do (elsewhere) on the question of gender made apparent here. In simplest terms the distinction between God-Adam-Paternity and Taro follows the argument above: whereas God animates matter, Taro is the plant. To take this further Strathern's earlier writing on gender in Melanesia could be linked to the immanentist/transcendent scheme. Her contrast is between gender as a given property of particular bodies and Melanesian gender as immanent

A. See and A. Strathern, , 2019.

, New Guinea Cargo cult', 'is based on the native's belief that European goods (cargo) -ships, aircraft, trade articles, and military equipment -are not man made but have to be obtained from a non human or divine source. It expresses its follower's dissatisfaction with their status in colonial society?, 1964.

, are not the concerns Reite people expressed but address concerns Giles and I had in thinking of what might be consequences of recording 'traditional knowledge

, I hope the suggestive analogy to how we might think about law's materials is apparent

, Other than brute violence, of which there is nothing transcendent

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