, is in a perfect state of preservation, and also has the complete 'longer' commentary by ?a?kara. It is kept in the library of the main hall (locally known as the 'Auditorium') of the Vadakke Madham Brahmaswam in Thrissur (Central Kerala), where it was kindly made available to me for consultation, Mal. Madham) of the Thrissur ?a?karan tradi, 2016.

, and was probably copied in the 19 th or early 20 th century. In that, and in many other aspects, it is very similar to C M , the Keralan manuscript of AiUBh-L kept in Cambridge. A few pages are left blank (fols 79v, 148v, 152v, as well as the verso of fols 159-161), but this does not correspond to divisions in the text itself, and may rather reflect peculiarities of the manuscript from which V was copied. The text starts directly on the top of fol, Malayalam script (166 fols

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