, Source: data from Dimensions

, Source: Global Biodiversity Information Facility

, Article processing charges: the fee authors or their institutions have to pay (after the acceptation of their papers) to some publishers to be published immediately in open access. The amount of APC is varying between publishers and journals; the average amount research institutions pay per article is about 2,000 euros (see OpenAPC

, Chemical Data Collections

, DataCite

, These eight fields are: organism/cell line/tissue; sex; sequencer or array type

, Journal Publishing Tag Set

, The plan S gives preference to immediate open access in 100% OA journals

, The description and numbering of the principles follow the GO FAIR

, The FAIR principles have been initially designed for automatic data processing

, Data Science Journal

, IMRAD is a common organizational structure of scientific writing and the usual format of papers on original research published as articles in scientific journals, in particular in empirical sciences but also in other disciplines. It stands for "introduction, methods, results and discussion/conclusion". For more details and references

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