, His economic people is defined as a hardworking productive community, celebrating the 'great work ethic' of Americans while claiming to "give our country back to the millions of people who have labored so hard for so little", advocating a 'tax relief' and a cut in 'red tape' bureaucracy to "unburden hardworking middle class Americans, the Tea Party, Donald Trump defends a typical producerist vision in which people are unified by their work, identity and values, p.34, 2016.

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, people with a criminal history or those who are dependent on the state should not be able to become naturalized". More generally, criminals should also contribute to prosperity

. Thus and . Switzerland, one of the most successful and prosperous countries of the world", the SVP argues it is necessary to defend the "pillars" of Swiss peculiarity, "independence, direct democracy, neutrality and federalism, SVP 2015) 72 and "focus once more on our heritage of liberty: on hard work and individual responsibility, competition and open markets, free prices and stable monetary policy, and private property

, UKIP pledges to slash the tax burden for low and middleincome households to boost the British economy (UKIP 2015 & 2017). Moreover, UKIP's vision of the producerist community emphasizes the role of "small businessmen" as one important economic, The UK Independence Party (UKIP) values and work ethics, 2015.

, living standards have fallen and life has become a lot tougher for so many in our country [?] The well-being of those living and working in our country matters to me more than GDP figures". 73 According to UKIP, economic decline calls for change: "our country needs radical social, economic, and democratic change, UKIP typically embraces the producerist narratives of economic decline. As explained by Nigel Farage, 2017.

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