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, only on the flanks of the European radical far right. The weekly spreadsheets listing the foreign journalists who were persona grata or non grata on the territory were less indicative of the bias in the newspaper's ideological line than were the articles: for instance, they contain contradictory assessments of several journalists from Le Figaro, the major conservative French daily. However, it appears that journalists' ideological sensibilities are judged based on how they relate to the idea of an open society: a journalist from Le Monde is for instance struck through in red for an article not on Donbas, but on how French public opinion rejects migrants. Yet this grata/non grata status is not immutable, since the same journalist was a special correspondent reporting from Donbas in 2017, The leaked documents showed that the Republic of Donetsk was trying to organize its lobbying On their side, some French far-right movements are engaged in lobbying for Donbas

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