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. About-the-authors-dr, L. Thomas, C. Laboratory, C. France, and T. , After a first CNRS Research Engineer position at LSV and LMT ? laboratories of ENS de Cachan (France), he get into CERMA laboratory and Institute for Research on Urban Sciences and Techniques -IRSTV He is one of the 3 original authors of the free and open source geographic information system called OrbisGIS. His current research activities focus on mobility in the urban fabric (acoustic and visual aspects through human being perception filter), motion dynamic mapping, spatial semantic and spatial processing, 1999.

G. Fernando, G. Cortes, . Information-science, . Consultant, . Valencia et al., González Cortés received his M.Sc. in computer science from Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain He has been software engineer in the gvSIG team for two years, after which he worked on the OrbisCAD project. During two years, he has leaded the development of the OrbisGIS project at IRSTV (FR CNRS 2488) in France. Currently he works as a freelance providing GIS consulting services, custom developments and creating a geo-processing framework called GearScape, 2003.