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Action - Discours - Pensée politique et économique

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In this repository, Triangle publications are brought together. They are in the form of bibliographic records or full text versions where possible.


 The UMR 5206 "Triangle. Action, discourses, economic and political thought" is a pluridisciplinary joint research unit of ENS de Lyon, Université Lyon2, Université Jean Monnet Saint-Etienne, IEP de Lyon and the CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research - INSHS).

103 researchers (91 academic teachers and 12 CNRS researchers), 20 associated teachers and 112 doctoral students in 2012

Disciplines : political science, political philosophy, history of political thought and economic thought, gender studies
Linguistic areas : France, Italy, Russia, Arabic world, Great Britain, USA, Central America.

UMR 5206 Triangle was created in 2005 following the idea that this pluridisciplinary choice could lead to something better than a pure addition of competencies and contribute to a fuller understanding of political thought and action. The last six years have proved the productive accuracy of this hypothesis.

The unit is structured around six specialized hubs : Public action ; Politization and participation ; Economic and political philosophy ; History of economic thought ; Gender and politics ; Political languages and thought

The way the unit is managed, along principles established by the Conseil de laboratoire, fosters research initiatives at all levels : speciality hubs, collectives and individual projects, informal and transversal groups (groups in which new thematics can more easily grow), strong support to doctoral students, and to documentary and (traditional and online) publishing policies.

Director : Renaud Payre
ENS de Lyon
Site Descartes
15, parvis René Descartes
F-69342 Lyon cedex 07

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