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Publications of the departmental correspondent network

Institut d’Histoire du Temps Présent


The Institute for Present Time history (IHTP), a CNRS research center (UPR #301) coordinates a network of departmental correspondents, formed of secondary school teachers with solid experience in historical research, geographically distributed in France, in order to conduct collective surveys. This network – remarkable in the world of research – is the successor of the network created in 1944 by the Commission for Occupation and Liberation of France History, and it is supported by the Ministry of National Education.

This list gathers publication by the network of correspondents, as well as by the researchers who took part in the network’s research activities. They have been validated by the scientific comity at the head of the network.


Departmental survey 2008-2012: “Cold war from bellow: 1947-1967” directed by :


  • Philippe Buton, professor of Contemporary history, University of Reims
  • Olivier Büttner, Engineer CNRS, IHTP
  • Michel Hastings, professor of political science, Institute of Political Studies, Lille.



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