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To cite these proceedings:

Hodgen, J., Geraniou, E., Bolondi,G. & Ferretti, F. (Eds.), Proceedings of the Twelfth Congress of the European Research Society in Mathematics Education (CERME12). Bozen-Bolzano, Italy: ERME / Free University of Bozen-Bolzano.



Carl Winsløw & Giorgio Bolondi - Preface: CERME12 in Bozen-Bolzano



Jeremy Hodgen, Eirini Geraniou, Federica Ferretti & Giorgio Bolondi - Introduction to the Proceedings of the Twelfth Congress of the European Society for Research in Mathematics Education (CERME12)


Plenary Lectures

Plenary 1 – Susanne Prediger - Enhancing Language for developing conceptual understanding - A research journey connecting different research approaches

Plenary 2 - Jeppe Skott - Conceptualizing individual-context relationships in teaching: Developments in research on teachers’ knowledge, beliefs and identity


Thematic Working Groups

TWG 01: Argumentation and proof

TWG 02: Arithmetic and number systems

TWG 03: Algebraic thinking

TWG 04: Geometry Teaching and Learning

TWG 05: Probability and Statistics Education

TWG 06: Applications and Modelling

TWG 07: Adult Mathematics Education

TWG 08: Affect and the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics

TWG 09: Mathematics and Language

TWG 10: Diversity and Mathematics Education: Social, Cultural and Political Challenge

TWG 11: Algorithmics

TWG 12: History in Mathematics Education

TWG 13: Early Years Mathematics

TWG 14: University Mathematics Education

TWG 15: Teaching Mathematics with Technology and Other Resources

TWG 16: Learning Mathematics with Technology and Other Resources

TWG 17: Theoretical Perspectives and Approaches in Mathematics Education

TWG 18: Mathematics Teacher Education and Professional Development

TWG 19: Mathematics Teaching and Teacher Practice(s)

TWG 20: Mathematics Teacher Knowledge, Beliefs and Identity

TWG 21: Assessment in Mathematics Education

TWG 22: Curricular Resources and Task Design in Mathematics Education

TWG 23: Implementation of Research Findings in Mathematics Education

TWG 24: Representations in Mathematics Teaching and Learning

TWG 25: Inclusive Mathematics Education – Challenges for Students with Special Needs

TWG 26: Mathematics in the Context of STEM Education

TWG 27: The Professional Practices, Preparation and Support of Mathematics Teacher Educators