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Grammatical Representation, Jacqueline Guéron, Hans-Georg Obenauer, Jean-Yves Pollock (Ed.) (1984) 259-292
Subject , Tense and Truth : Towards a Modular Approach to Binding
Pierre Pica 1

We propose a reformulation of Binding Theory according to which three different domains defined in terms of Subject, Tense, and Truth Value apply to respectively three different types of elements : anaphors in non argument positions, anaphors in argument position, and variables bound by wh-elements, hereby, suggesting that a drastic revision of the Government and Binding framework is necessary.
1:  Structures Formelles du Langage (SFL)
CNRS : UMR7023 – Université Paris VIII - Vincennes Saint-Denis
Humanities and Social Sciences/Linguistics
"binding" – "modularity" – "anaphor" – "mono-morphemic" – "reflexive" – "morphology" – "bindind domain"
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