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Explorations in Generative Grammar, Young-Sun Kim, Byung-Choon Lee, Kyoung-Jae Lee, Kyun-Kwon Yang, Jong-Kuri Yoon (Ed.) (1994) 554-570
Condition C and Epistemic Contexts : A case Study of Epithets and Anti-logophoric Pronouns in French
Pierre Pica 1

Epithets and pronominals 'en' and 'y' in French have a variety of Binding properties that are unexpected on conventional approach to Binding Theory. We argue that the linguistic variety observed cross-linguistically (and perhaps, more surprinsingly, within a single language) - derives from the morphological properties of the anaphoric element - which we claim lack number features. Epithets and pronominal like 'en' and 'y' are predicates modifying null but semantically active nouns, and must theefore refer to the Speaker. These properties, we claim, explain why these elements must be employed in what we define as an Epistemic Context, and are subject to Condition C of Binding Theory
1 :  Structures Formelles du Langage (SFL)
CNRS : UMR7023 – Université Paris VIII - Vincennes Saint-Denis
Sciences cognitives/Linguistique
épithète - anti-logophoricité - nombre - pronom - liage - contexte épistémique
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